WordPress Web Design Trend: WordPress Blocks

In recent times, many new and enthusiastic web design buffs have seen and written about the plethora of new web design trends which have captured the imagination of serious web designers. Suddenly, every site you visit seems to be influenced by different web design styles such as minimalism, brutalism, retro, contemporary, modular, or object-focused design. If you are a part of this new design era yourself, there are several things you should do to ensure that your web pages are as appealing and successful as they can be. In this article, we will discuss these trends and how they impact your design today.

Minimalism This design style is based on using gilded frames to render elements on the page. The basic concept behind it is that a page full of flashy elements will distract readers from the main content, which is hidden. For example, if your website contains a series of small navigation bars, it would be more attractive to your visitors if they could not see any of the content on the left hand side. Meanwhile, navigation bars which are loaded with images and buttons will make it difficult for a visitor to focus on the text. Instead, they will just click on the flashy buttons and look at the nice graphic on the right hand side.

With minimalism in web design, you need to also think about font styles, text size, and the size of elements such as buttons and links. As mentioned above, this design trend is very much influenced by current events. Therefore, if you wish to draw a lot of attention to your page, you should use a font style that complements current times. In addition to that, you should make sure that the font size of each element on your site matches the current size requirements specified by search engines, especially when web designers are creating sites for clients who rely on Google’s search engine results.

Another web design trend which should also be taken into consideration nowadays is a block’s style. Websites which are based on blocks are often less cluttered because there is only one central block which can contain links to all other blocks. For example, if a website is named “Caticles” then it can contain many individual caticles. However, these individual articles usually do not have relevant content that users might find useful. If you want to achieve the best results when optimizing your websites for Google and other search engines, it would be better to use a blocks format.

Last but not least, you should also pay close attention to the voice search feature available on some of the more popular WordPress themes. Google and other search engines have implemented voice search functionality into their systems so that users can specify a variety of different criteria in order to increase the chance of finding relevant websites. Google has recently introduced an interface called Google Suggest so that users can make use of this feature more effectively. Voice search provides a much cleaner experience when searching for content using the voice search function.

In the end, using Gutenberg blocks for your WordPress blog is important for optimizing search engine rankings. Google and other major search engines have implemented this particular web design trend and have even adopted it as the default setting on Google search results pages. Google, however, has implemented this functionality into its many different Google tools including their homepage and search results page. To take full advantage of this functionality, you should create your own Gutenberg theme. When your theme integrates the necessary Google tools such as Google Suggest, Voice Search and allows you to use custom search terms, you will be able to maximize the usefulness of your blog.