Joomla Web Design Tips – How To Write A Joomla Template?

Joomla web design is a process in which many web pages are created on the same server, then later replicated on other sites. The page displays are then connected to the main Joomla website through MySQL databases.

PHP (or “PHP Scripting Language”) is a scripting language that is used by many webmasters today. As a result, Joomla web design relies on the use of PHP scripts.

You should realize that because the PHP programming language is a “weak” scripting language, Joomla users who require script-based websites should not run PHP-based websites on non-Joomla servers. This is because the end-user will only be able to view Joomla-based pages using the Joomla CMS, which is installed on the server of the webmaster. For this reason, most webmasters avoid the use of PHP scripts on non-Joomla websites.

Other than not being able to view a PHP script on a non-Joomla website, the downside to the use of scripts is that your end-users have no choice but to click on them or try to copy and paste the HTML code. As a result, a user who can not use a script has no way of making the site’s pages display properly. To avoid this problem, it is better to opt for PHP scripts which provide control panels for the end-user to view your pages.

Fortunately, PHP is very easy to customize, which means you can use a template to make your PHP script much more customized. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems with compatibility issues and end-user incompatibility, PHP-based templates are the ideal solution for those who wish to maintain consistency and accessibility. Templates provide a platform for administrators and technical staff to create a stable platform for running Joomla content management systems.

By using a template, the end-user does not have to worry about the appearance of your website, as it already looks exactly like your own website. There is no need to add a CGI script to the website for automatic appearance and functionality.

While a number of webmasters and developers are still fond of writing PHP code, there are also many who prefer the use of a template. When using a template, PHP is only used as a “glue” to connect the template’s contents and the main content of the website. The template itself serves as the “anchor point” for the website, guiding the end-user to navigate around the website.

As such, for Joomla web design, you should know how to write PHP scripts. If you plan to create an online store, you may want to look into using an e-commerce solution like WooCommerce.