Joomla Web Design

Joomla web design is not hard to do, but the challenge lies in executing your Joomla design plan. As the owner of a web development company, I have done quite a few web designs for clients in the past. As a web designer myself, I can tell you that the design challenge with Joomla is that it doesn’t follow any set template. Every web site you see has a very unique look.

If you are considering a Joomla web design for your new website, here are some things to think about before going through the process. Make sure you start by thinking about the look and feel of your business. What theme do you want your site to follow? Do you want to have a slick, modern look with smooth transitions, or do you want something more personal that reflects who you are as a business?

You need to consider what kind of information you want your general purpose site to contain. If you’re a small, one-person boutique, you won’t need as much content as if you were a high-profile national chain. Think about your needs first. You also need to consider the programming skills of your staff when working on the site.

While there are many Joomla tutorials available online, be sure to use your best judgment when taking care of your site. Don’t assume anything; follow each step carefully. The reason this is so important is because the server of your web host will probably change the code to suit them. It’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake; just go back and make sure you didn’t make a mistake.

Consider where you’re going to place your site. You may have the need to run it off a static server. With a static server, you’ll be able to edit the code, and even change certain things about the code. However, it is also possible to run your site on a hosted server, which means the site isn’t going to change unless you give it a command to do so.

Joomla web design is something that should be considered before starting to work on the site. Decide exactly what you want your site to do, and then plan out the features that you’re going to want your site to have. Keep the details of your plan to yourself, and don’t share it with anyone. You’ll be surprised how well people think they know your business, but they may be surprised at the depth of knowledge you actually have about your business.

Information architecture is another important part of Joomla web design. This is going to be the basis for all of your sites that make use of Joomla. Your information architecture team should be able to take care of all the coding and design aspects of your web site. They’ll also be able to help you setup and make updates to your site.

All these aspects to Joomla web design should be worked out beforehand. You’ll avoid confusion later, and you’ll have a streamlined site that is reliable. Try to keep your goals as clear as possible so your clients will be sure to get the results they expect from you.